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Baby, It's Really Cool Outside

Well, it looks like autumn has arrived at Seadog Cottages. It came on the third Monday and Tuesday of November this year.

A couple of leaves on the schefflera trees have turned golden and started to fall. Ditto for the avocado and bougainvillea.

And then  there is the invigorating  nip in the air as temperatures tumbled out of the 80s.

Yep, autumn is here.

What a great time to be at Seadog Cottages and enjoying lovely Safety Harbor —  located just 12 miles from Tampa on sunrise side of Tampa Bay.

Three new restaurants are opening just a short stroll down Main Street, adding to an already rich list of local cuisines.

This is the perfect time to explore downtown, bike the waterfront (across the bridge all the way to Tampa and back on a designated bike route, if you are game), hang out and relax on the screen porches at each Seadog residence, or visit our great downtown shops.

If you want, you could even help rake our leaves … all six of them.

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