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Dressing for Seadog Success.

Seadog feels like it just came home from a day at the groomer – all cleaned up, combed out and wearing a snappy, new, red bandanna around its neck: Seadog Cottages has a new and improved website.

Seadogcottages.com is professionally designed, easily navigated and built to help us assist, interact, and share our story with guests, friends and family.

Guests, friends and family? Seadog thinks that’s redundant, but you get the idea.

Seadog Cottages is a special piece of property in the downtown of a special little town called Safety Harbor, located on the sunrise side of Tampa Bay. But more importantly, it is OUR special little piece of property.

When this great adventure began seven years ago, Mick and Desanya agreed totally (and that in itself is monumental): We will never rent a property that we would not be overjoyed to stay in ourselves.

Feedback from the many wonderful patrons over the past seven years suggests Seadog has succeeded. That makes us so proud our puffed-out chests would pop a button if we didn’t pretty much only wear tee shirts.

Pipa takes in the sites of Safety Harbor on one of our bikes.
Dog Friendly Seadog Cottages.

So color Seadog happy and appreciative.

Safety Harbor is growing and downtown is enjoying a fresh vitality as new restaurants, bars, shops and businesses are discovering its distinct vibe. Seadog Cottages – walking distance to all of it – is proud to be a part of this transformation.

Check out the new and improved Seadogcottages.com.

It will tell our story … and show off our snappy, new red bandanna.

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