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Grrr, Mateys! Seadog is Growing Up.

Happy Birthday, Seadog.

Celebrating A Milestone: Louie, the official greeter at Seadog Cottages, pops a cool one.

Eight years ago this week, Seadog Cottages took its first breath – even if it was probably more like a gasp. Quite honestly, we didn’t know what we were getting into. The circa 1922 home and adjoining guest homes that would become Seadog Cottages were in decay, rodent-infested and overgrown. There were holes in the floor, leaks in the roof, rats in the attic and raccoons under a bathtub. But there was a positive. Location, location, location – right in the heart of Downtown Safety Harbor. Except, to be honest, at that time, Safety Harbor had some structural issues – not to mention a few rats – of its own.

That’s why, now, eight years later, looking back on the journey is so rewarding. It has been a great year for both Seadog and Safety Harbor. For Seadog, with expansion and renovation projects finally complete, the year’s highlights include being designated a historical site by the Safety Harbor Historical Society, debuting our new Website, becoming a member of the Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce and being featured as a dog-friendly destination for travelers in a profile by The New Barker Magazine.

Likewise, Safety Harbor continues to raise its profile, having become one of the most-sought after communities in all of Tampa Bay – an area that just happens to currently rank as the third hottest housing market in the entire United States. In the next few weeks, the much-anticipated Bay-To-Bay Properties mixed-use project will open on Main Street with three new high-end restaurants, office space and luxury apartments. Earlier this year, a high-rise, waterfront condo project was completed and will bring 45 new families into the Downtown community, and new-home construction continues on a hot pace, including a recently completed $4.2 million residence on Bayshore Blvd.

Seadog does not need to make a birthday wish. Our dreams are already coming true.

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