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Just Keep Swinging.

Back in the summer of 2011, with me out of work after 37 years in journalism and just a little too old to chase a job around the country, Desanya and I moved from South Tampa to Safety Harbor, Florida with a vision: “Seadog Cottages — Tampa Bay’s Premier Bed and Get Your Own Damn Breakfast.”

Amazingly, seven years later — almost to the day we moved into a falling-down, over-grown, rodent-infested property that was disgusting but offered great potential — we are now settled into the new Seadog Cottages World Headquarters. I’ve got to brag. Seadog offers extended-stay, high-end, fully-furnished guest cottages for job relocations, corporate housing, vacations and anyone misplaced by home renovation or construction projects.

We are located in the heart of quaint and thriving Downtown Safety Harbor, only blocks from the Tampa Bay waterfront , great restaurants, bars and shops. I drive my “little yellow truckster” in the Safety Harbor Christmas Parade. I walk to the post office, bank and barber shop. And I thank my lucky stars every day that I no longer need to give a hoot what Urban Meyer, or Jameis Winston or Tiger Woods says or does. Life sure does throw a bunch of curve balls, and a few knucklers, but you just keep swinging.

Seadog Cottages Headquarters, Safety Harbor, FL USA

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