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Seadog Says "You Are Going to Love The Harbor."

Gimme an “S!”

Gimme an “H!”


Seadog Cottages makes no apologies. Seadog is an unabashed, emotions-on-its sleeve cheerleader for Safety Harbor.


Seadog loves the Harbor. It is a treat to drive a visitor around town, showing off the Waterfront Park, the City Marina, Bayshore Blvd., the new Bay-To-Bay Properties mixed-use complex (and the three new restaurants), our unique shops and trendy eateries, wine bars, watering holes and new homes and renovations. Seadog has never been to heaven, but has lived in Safety Harbor the past eight years and roots have grown in a hurry. Seadog is invested financially and emotionally in Downtown Safety Harbor – not only having transformed an entire half-block but also saving and restoring a distressed property to the point it was honored earlier this year by the Safety Harbor Historical Society

Seadog also has been featured on an ABC television network show, “Sweet Retreats,” and profiled by

The New Barker Magazine as a dog-friendly travel destination.  But there is something else of which Seadog is MOST proud. Sixteen (and counting) families who came to stay at Seadog Cottages fell in love with Safety Harbor and decided to move to our cool little town.


They came, they visited, they moved here.

Some came for their first visit to the Harbor, and returned a few years later to make it home. Some came to relocate in the Tampa Bay area, took temporary residence at Seadog while searching the whole area for a new home, then quickly reduced their hunt to the Harbor. A few others came to Seadog to stay until they could find a home in the Harbor.


Seadog is proud to have alumni in the Key West on Main homes, in the Harbor Point Condos, on Bayshore, some others scattered throughout downtown neighborhoods, and another couple moving into the new Canopy Apartments that is part of the Bay-To-Bay Properties complex.


Seadog can’t wait until tomorrow, because Safety Harbor gets better every day. 

It’s great that so many new people are noticing. And Seadog is proud to have helped.

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