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This Is Our Town

Please let Seadog tell you a story about Safety Harbor, the community we call home.

A few weeks ago a Facebook post appeared on “Safety Harbor Strong,” a social media page created by a local leader for the expressed purpose of “neighbor helping neighbor” through difficult times. It was written by a pretty much unknown resident who was down on his luck. But as a U.S. military veteran and a proud man, he was trying hard to battle through the challenges. He had found a job at Walmart, but with no car he was walking three miles each way to work – in Florida’s summer heat – which added a couple more hours to his day. 

Then one day, after returning to his cheap motel room he was renting by the week, he realized his wallet – with $400 of cash that was rent money due the next day – had been lost. He retraced the six-mile walk, hoping to find the lost wallet. He did not.

Feeling defeated, down and soon to be out on the streets, he shared his plight. The message said he felt embarrassed. He felt close to defeat. He apologized, then asked if he and his wife could just get a little help paying their rent.

That night, at restaurants, bars and shops throughout Downtown Safety Harbor, different citizens began taking up collections. Others called the motel directly, giving credit card numbers to pay toward days or weeks of rent. More than enough was raised to help a struggling family that few people even knew.

But that’s not the end of the story.

The man answered every Facebook comment from those who responded, emotionally expressing gratitude. And then he added one more Facebook post to “Safety Harbor Strong.”

To any and all you who had helped, he said thanks – and offered to come to their house and do any projects or chores to show appreciation.

That’s Safety Harbor.

That’s the little town Seadog Cottages calls home.

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