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Welcome to Boom Town.

Seadog can’t help but laugh after studying Safety Harbor history.

One hundred years ago this summer, barely 24 months after Safety Harbor incorporated in 1917, downtown pretty much burned to the ground. With no fire department during the town’s infancy, city leaders called Clearwater for help when the downtown blaze first began to roar. Clearwater, what with planning for Spring Break and the Scientologists new development project, was apparently too busy. 

Next call went to Tampa, who promised to dispatch a truck and fire fighters. But 100 years ago, there were no bridges connecting the bay area. It took two days before help arrived, and by that time, Safety Harbor was toast.

You got to admit, as challenging starts to building a community go, that was a dandy. That’s why Seadog, always a sucker for happy endings, gets such a kick out of the rest of this story. Now, 100 years after burning to the ground, Downtown Safety Harbor is again on fire. 

It may have taken 100 years, but Safety Harbor is finally back to racing speed. This week, new residents of Harbor Place at Safety Harbor, the downtown waterfront condominium on Bayshore Blvd., began moving in, bringing new families and disposable income into downtown. Before summer is over the new Bay-To-Bay Properties’ mixed-use development on Main Street is expected to be complete – bringing jaw-dropping architecture that will offer three new restaurants, office space and 24 luxury apartments to downtown.

Bay-to-Bay Properties' mixed-use on Main Street

Harbor Place at Safety Harbor, the new waterfront condos on Bayshore Blvd.

Also, there is under-construction Nova Southeastern University Medical School off Courtney Campbell Causeway – less than three miles away – that will soon bring new visitors, residents and business to downtown. Meanwhile, new homes and major renovations continue to flock to Safety Harbor.

The Iron Age district is an architectural-design magazine. Bayshore Blvd., is starting to look much like a younger brother of Tampa’s iconic and prestigious drive by the same name.  Throughout the downtown district, new construction and major renovations of existing properties are raising the bar.

In August, Seadog will celebrate eight years as a Safety Harbor resident and could not be happier to have found a place in a growing paradise. In those eight years, the downtown district has become a fine-dining foodie destination, going nicely with a wide range of wine bars, pubs and two craft breweries. There are quaint shops and almost always a festival to experience.

Safety Harbor has a new vibe, walk-ability and activity. Safety Harbor is a lifestyle.

Seadog Cottages, just 1½ blocks off Main Street and in the heart of this new vibe, is happy to be a part of it.

You might say, we’re “fired up” about Safety Harbor.

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