• Mick & the Captain

Welcome to the Harbor, Captain.

Seadog Cottages is pleased to announce that Captain, a Border Collie rescue, has joined Tampa Bay’s Premier Bed and Get Your Own Damn Breakfast as guests relations director.

Captain will take over his new position despite the lack of a resume or any traceable history. He will fill the position previously held by Truman, the Border Collie who recently passed after an extended battle with a brain tumor.

Captain is, according to experts, “somewhere around six years old.” He is believed to have survived as an abandoned stray in the rural areas outside Gainesville for close to a year before, close to starvation, he was rescued and placed in a shelter. He was then taken in by Ewenity Herding Dog Rescue and spent three months in foster care before accepting his new Seadog position.

While Captain will work directly under the supervision of newly-appointed Senior Lead Dog, Louis G. Doodle, he will not officially assume Seadog duties until completing a wellness program, where he will receive treatment for heart worms and a partially torn ACL.

Although Captain has no formal training and is totally without a hospitality-industry background, Seadog Cottages is confident “life experience” will make him a valuable addition to the staff. “There was an opening for a Border Collie, and Captain is a good choice, because he’s pretty quiet and gives me a wide berth,” said Louis G. Doodle. “Although, as a Golden Doodle, I’m photogenic, handsome, and the size of a small sailing ship, the humans who run this joint made the decision years ago to put a Border Collie on the Seadog Cottage logo. “Something about Golden Doodles just not looking the part. So, I welcome Captain to the Seadog family. Stop by and rub his belly the next time you’re in town. You know the saying here: Sit. Stay. Relax.”

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